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Arthur Weasley

I'm Arthur Weasley.
Notorious ginger.
I enjoy muggle things.
I work for the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office.
Oct 23 '11


Molly had returned to sipping her tea, listening to Arthur’s day. Molly hid her smile behind the rim of her mug- when was Arthur not the slightest bit scatterbrained? She had felt a little off today as well; after leaving St. Mungo’s, Molly had apparated to three different places- none of which she recognized off the bat. Her eyes widened slightly- should she even be apparating in her condition? What if she accidentally left the baby behind? The thought terrified her and she then decided that she would not be apparating anymore. 

Of course, making this decision means you’ll have to tell Arthur that the two of you will be walking from here on out. Molly’s eyes shifted to Arthur, who looked almost jumpy. What’s gotten into him? His lips pressed against her temple and Molly leaned into the touch. The sound of his low voice sent a shiver down her spine and she smiled, leaning back against his chest, “I missed you too.” Gods, he was perfect. How had she even gotten so lucky?

He moved and Molly had to resist a pout. She had been so comfortable. He asked about dinner and Molly stomach growled, as if almost on cue. She nodded sheepishly, moving to the icebox. “Anything in particular that you’re wanting, love?” The crumpled test results felt as if they would burn a hole in her back pocket. How could she be talking about dinner at a time like this.

Her heart thudded; she had to tell him. She should’ve told him right off the bat. Fear gripped Molly. What if he leaves? What will I do without him? Her eyes closed and her stomach clenched- she would do what she had to. She wouldn’t make him stay. But he had the right to know. “A-Arthur? I need- I went to the Healers today.” 

Arthur grinned at Molly. “Well, I was thinking that we go out for some food. A muggleborn I work with told me about this apparently great restaurant in London. He helped me get some muggle money. Did you know their money is in paper form? That can’t last very long. It can get destroyed far too easily.” The food was slightly pricy, but Arthur and Molly never spent frivolously. It can’t hurt. Plus, if I’m going to ask her to marry me, I’d like it to be in a nice place. “That sounds okay, right? We can use the floo network to get into Diagon Alley, and the restaurant isn’t that far of a walk from there. It might look weird if we just apparate into the middle of a muggle street.”

Then Molly brought up the topic of going to the Healers. Arthur’s heart sank into the pit of his stomach. He kept his face even, and nodded. “How did that go, love? Are you alright? Did they tell you why you’ve been so sick lately?” Arthur shot the questions at her at a rapid pace, apologized, and repeated them for her sake. He was suddenly nervous about what she could possibly be telling him. What if his mother’s theory was right? That wouldn’t change how he felt about her, but it would certainly change some dynamic of their relationship.

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Oct 13 '11


Molly lifted the mug to her lips and inhaled the scent deeply. Mint tea with honey, the same kind her mother used to give her when she was a child. Mother. Molly’s gaze fell and her hand came to rest on her flat stomach. She was going to be a mother. Someone- this little someone that was now growing in her- was going to be her responsibility. Her breath escaped her in a huff. “This is terrifying,” she whispered to the impossibly tiny child, safe in her womb, “I’m sorry, but you weren’t planned…” She trailed off, scolding herself. Look at me. Talking to myself- to my stomach. Doubt the little bugger can even hear me.

She set the mug on the counter with a dull thud and ground the heels of her hands in her eyes. Her hands lowered slightly and she stared at her coat that hung by the door. The test results were still in her pocket. Should she take them out and read over- just to make sure? She knew what they said, but still it couldn’t hurt to double check. 

Pulling the crumpled piece of paper from the pocket, she turned and walked back to the kitchen, smoothing the parchment on the counter next to her tea. The spidery script had not changed since leaving St. Mungo’s, despite her desperate hope that it had. Still pregnant. Arthur’s name jumped up from the page and Molly’s heart sank. How was she going to tell him? Should she even tell him? It’s only fair that I tell him. It is his child as well, after all. A jolt ran through her and her eyes settled on her stomach. This was her baby. She and Arthur had made a baby- this someone was going to be a perfect mix of the two of them. 

“You’re mine,” she whispered, letting the words sink in, “And I’m going to try to be the best mum I can.” The sound of footsteps coming up to the flat pulled Molly from her daze and she grabbed the parchment, shoving it in her pocket and grabbed the mug. Arthur came in and she smiled at him over the rim, the normal butterflies in her stomach almost tenfold now. “Lo Arthur,” she said pleasantly, setting the mug on the counter and folding her arms across her chest, “My day was fine. How was yours?”

“It was fine. I was a little scatterbrained at work, but other than that I was fine.” It wasn’t the complete truth, but it wasn’t a lie either. He was scatterbrained, but it was much more than that. He was completely stressing out over the results of Molly’s test. He was sure he filed his paperwork incorrectly, and was even surer that he ran into someone – multiple people even – because his head was just not on straight. He desperately wanted Molly to just spill about the appointment already, but he wasn’t going to be rude, and make her say something she wasn’t quite ready to say.

He didn’t tell her that after work, he went and talked to Molly’s father. He asked for Molly’s hand. If his mother’s suspicion was correct, and Molly was…pregnant, he wanted to be married to her. Even so, he didn’t want her to think he proposed to her just because she was having his child. He was mad for her, and was planning on marrying her sometime in the future. They already lived with each other and they were young, so he wasn’t planning on asking her for a little while, but the thought of a baby on the way sped up the process a bit. After a lengthy conversation with Mr. Prewett, he finally told Arthur that he could ask Molly to marry him. A relieved Arthur bought a simple gold ring for Molly, promising himself that one day he would buy her a proper ring complete with a large diamond.

He walked over to where his girlfriend stood in the kitchen. Arthur stood behind her and planted a kiss on her right temple. “I missed you today,” he told her softly. Lately they had been spending so much time together that it really bothered him to leave her alone knowing that she was ill. Molly wasn’t her normal perky self, and he constantly felt like he was walking on egg shells around her. He didn’t want to say something and either make her mad at him or make her sad. It was his goal to make her smile no matter how poorly she felt.

He took a mug down from the cupboard and poured himself some tea that Molly made. He sipped at it and looked at Molly, giving her a small smile. His insides were itching. The ring was weighing down heavily at Arthur’s pocket. He wanted to pull it out right there and ask her to marry him, but he wanted to do it properly. “Do you think you’d be up for dinner tonight?” 

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Oct 5 '11


Molly leaned into Arthur’s touch, a small smile brightening her face, “Well, you’d be correct Arthur: I don’t particularly like being sick.” She cuddled deeper into his chest, hoping he would wrap and arm around her to comfort her. She didn’t want Arthur to catch whatever she had - if he can even catch it- but she wanted, no needed, him close. Arthur had this incredibly comforting presence about him. Just his being there was comforting. It was if his holding her was saying that he wouldn’t leave. That he was in it for the long haul. That- just your sick mind running away with you, Molls. She shook her head, “Just you. That’s all I need right now.” She was so tired that she didn’t even have time to scold herself internally for how sappy she sounded. She gently pushed Arthur back so that she could lay down, cuddled tightly against his chest. She just woke up. How was she already so tired? Before she could think anymore about virus’, exhaustion, ralphing or (godforbid) pregnancy, she was asleep.


She was late. And she wasn’t just a little late like, two days. She was almost a month late. When she didn’t stop throwing up, Arthur had asked that she see a Healer. Molly wasn’t completely sure she wanted to hear what the Healer had to say, so she told a small fib. It wasn’t like she wasn’t planning on going- just not at that very moment. She needed time to process. She needed time to think.

All signs were pointing towards something Molly in all of her 18 years of life was not ready to handle. It wasn’t like an owl that you could donate to a needy student; a baby was serious business. Molly and Arthur were barely 18 and hardly employed. How could they raise a child? 

The sinking thought hit Molly and she had to sit down from the nausea she was feeling that had nothing to do with whatever she had. What if Arthur doesn’t want this? What if… what if I’m just trapping him with a- calm down, Molls. You haven’t even taken a test yet. Before you get your robes in a bunch, you need to get a test.

So it was with a face burning with shame that she went to one of her Professors, asking if they would help her with a pregnancy test. The kind-faced Healer nodded and led Molly to an examination room. After having her piss in a cup, Molly was forced to sit and wait. Maybe the long wait means… maybe it means that I’m not. Yeah, it’s just a virus that I can’t kick. 

The door opened and Molly was handed a roll of parchment and a sympathetic smile. Shaking hands unrolled the parchment and a tortured sound came from Molly. Positive. The rest of the words swam on the page- due date, proof of paternity, amount of weeks passed- and a hand flew to Molly’s mouth to quiet the wracking sobs that were running through her body. She was pregnant. She was pregnant with Arthur Weasley’s child. She was never going to finish becoming a Healer. Her mind swam and for a few moments, Molly just hunched over herself, rocking back and forth slowly, tears falling down her nose onto her knees. 

She had no idea how to tell Arthur. The door of their apartment shut behind her and she hung up her coat, slipped off her shoes and shuffled into the kitchen to make herself some tea. The roll of parchment was still in her coat pocket, almost completely crushed from her fist closing and opening over it over and over again. Her tea finished quickly and Molly leaned against the counter, inhaling the warm aroma before taking a sip. 

Arthur was really starting to worry about Molly. It had been about a month, since Molly first started getting sick, and although she wasn’t throwing up quite as much, she was still getting sick. He felt so bad, and he was always careful around her, so he wouldn’t make her sick from moving too much. After the month, Arthur told her that she absolutely had to go see a Healer. To his relief, she finally agreed.

Arthur was thinking of some of the things that she could possibly be sick with. He told his mother because she was always the one who always took care of him and his brothers when they were ill. She gave him a weird look when he told her that Molly was sick for about a month. When he asked her what the look was for, she told him it was probably nothing. Arthur pressed her to tell him, and she asked if he and Molly had slept together. Arthur embarrassedly told her that they did. She asked him when, and Arthur told her it was little more than a month before.

Just then something in Arthur’s brain clicked. Holy shit, what if Molly is pregnant? What are we going to do? We’re not married.-Oh calm down, Arthur, you decided a long time ago that you wanted to marry Molly. This would just…speed up the process a bit.

Arthur stressed out all day at work the day he knew Molly was being seen by a Healer. He wanted to know what was happening with his girlfriend, and if she was going to be okay. He was distracted, and even though he tried to hide his worry while at work, but when he was left alone, his thoughts went wild in his head. All he could think about was the fact that he was an absolute idiot, and how if Molly was pregnant, he ruined her life. How can I forgive myself for that? I took her dreams and crushed them.

By the end of the day, he was more than relieved to go home. During the past month, he made sure he moved all his things to Molly’s flat. It wasn’t difficult because he didn’t have a ton of belongings. He knew that their relationship was moving at a pretty quick rate, but he loved Molly with every fiber of his being. He told himself to act normal when Molly got home. He would ask her how the appointment went, and let her tell him everything that happened at her own pace. He walked through the door of their flat, one which would not be big enough to start a family, and saw his girlfriend in the kitchen sipping at what smelled like tea. “’Lo Molly,” he started off with a smile. “How was your day, love?”

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Sep 16 '11


Molly was aware of the slight movement from Arthur- her stomach churning as the bed shifted as his weight did. It wasn’t much,  but the slightest movement made Molly tense, waiting for the choking feeling that would send her sprinting for the loo. Her eyes were closed as she tried to keep her expression smooth, thinking of anything other than her tossing stomach as Arthur sat up. Molly had to urge to snap at him for moving so much, but bit her tongue, realizing how crazy that would sound. He asked if she felt better, to which she responded with a small, slow shake of her head, eyes still closed tightly.

Bringing the cracker to her mouth, she nibbled at the starchy food, feeling a little more at ease as the crackers started to settle in her stomach.  She chanced opening her eyes, watching him move across the room, chattering about water. A small smile lifted the corner of her mouth. He really was a darling. Arthur was so concerned with how she felt, even considering how her water would taste. ‘I’m going to keep you,’ she thought, watching him move out of the room. The thought sent a jolt through her and all at once the warm, fuzzy feeling from earlier fled.

There was a sinking feeling in her gut and Molly thought she might be sick for totally different reasons than before. Pregnancy was final. Pregnancy put another life, another person in your care and they were there for life. You had to worry about that other person’s hopes and dreams and yours were put on the back burner. Her brown eyes travelled to her stomach and she frowned. She had too many things she wanted to do. Besides, she and Arthur weren’t even married- her brain froze at the thought. Married. Once again, it all sounded so final. ‘Married to Arthur wouldn’t be so bad…’  Her heart gave a sickening flop, ‘Unless he marries you because he feels trapped because he knocked you up.’ Molly’s hands shook, grasping the cracker tube, “Oh God….”

Arthur came back into the room and Molly busied herself with a cracker, avoiding his gaze. The gentle touch was on her cheeks and her face and Molly could’ve cried from how lovingly he handled her. She cleared her throat, “Uhm, yeah, I hope I didn’t either.”

‘Like pregnancy. That’s a bad thing to come down with just when things are going great.’

Molly reached for the glass of water, lifting the cool liquid to her raw throat. Her eyes widened and she choked. ‘What could I have come down with? Oh, I don’t know- with my luck, probably twins!’ A shaking hand wiped the water from her mouth and she shrugged, “Oh, I dunno. It could b-be a myriad of things really. Stress, something I picked up from the hospital- who knows.” 

Arthur felt really bad that Molly wasn’t feeling any better. He wanted to take away her nausea, and make it so she could do the things she wanted to do that day. He knew she hated being stuck in a bed all day. Molly was always pretty active, and if she wasn’t sick, they’d probably be out doing something. When he brought her back the water, he’d noticed that Molly had been able to get a few crackers down, and that made him feel a little better. If she was able to keep food down, he’d take it as a good sign.

Arthur reached up to pat Molly’s back when she started choking on her water, but he refrained because he thought that it might lead to her rushing to the bathroom to get sick again. He’d feel doubly awful if it was because of something he did. The water just went down the wrong pipe he told himself. She was over the fit of coughing soon enough, and she answered his question. He didn’t really expect her to know what was wrong with her. If she wasn’t better within the next day or two, he’d suggest she go to a Healer to see what’s wrong. He was worried about her, but he tried not to show it too much. I’m probably failing miserably at that.

“I really hope you feel better soon, Molls. I don’t like seeing you sick, and I wouldn’t imagine you like being sick.” Arthur didn’t mind taking care of Molly at all because he knew she would do the same exact thing for him if he was sick. He wasn’t a Healer like she was trying to become, but he’d watched his mother take care of his older brothers and himself through enough flus and colds to have a faint idea about what to do to help someone feel better. He still felt like he was doing a half ass job, but he was doing his best to make Molly feel better. “Do you need anything? I don’t mind leaving to get you something. Just name it, and I’ll go get it for you.” 

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Sep 16 '11
Sep 11 '11


Molly pouted slightly as Arthur rummaged through her dresser, telling her how she felt. How did he know how she felt? She could feel just fine; he was not the boss on how she felt. She opened her mouth to say so, when another wave of nausea ran over her and she clamped her mouth shut. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t feeling fantastic. And he was being so helpful and sweet. ‘He really is the best,’ she thought shuffling out of the clothing she had just put on, kicking the jeans and shirt into a pile in the corner, pulling on the pair of comfy pants and the over-sized Puddlemore United t-shirt. She had stolen it from Arthur and it had quickly become her favorite shirt to wear to sleep. She leaned back against the pillows, looking up at him with the saddest, biggest eyes she could manage before he joined her. He pulled her against his chest and Molly sighed happily. She nuzzled her face in his chest, inhaling the lovely scent that was her boyfriend. She mumbled something to in response to Arthur, but she was just so tired that it came out all jumbled. She hadn’t realized how tired she was until she laid down. Gods, she was exhausted. ‘No wonder I threw up,’ she thought as her eyelids slid shut, the sound Arthur’s heart beat filling her ear lulled her to sleep.

Molly’s eyes fluttered open and she sighed, nuzzling into the warmth of Arthur’s chest before sitting up. All of the sudden, Molly knew as she sat up that she was going to get sick. Jumping from the bed, she flew down to the bathroom, closing the door just in time before she fell to the floor, dry heaving into the toilet. Once the fit passed, Molly leaned back against the door, sweat plastering strands of fiery hair to her forehead. What the hell was wrong with her? Molly didn’t get sick often nor did she stay sick for long. Her hands rubbed at her face, pushing back the wet strands of hair. It had to be the stress. Yes. That’s it- the stress from the past few weeks leading up to midterms was making her sick.

‘You know that’s not the only thing it could be,’ a soft voice in her mind said, causing Molly to lift a thumb to mouth. She gnawed on the nail, part of her trying to ignore the sinking feeling that was crawling into her gut and the other part quickly counting in her head. No, she wasn’t even that late. It couldn’t be- no, she wouldn’t think that. She had too much to do with her life to worry about that.

When she finally felt strong enough, Molly shuffled into the kitchen, grabbing a tube of crackers before making her way back into the bed. Arthur’s eyes were closed when she snuggled back down into the warm blanket, nibbling on a cracker. ‘Once I get something in me, I’ll feel better,’ she reassured herself.

Arthur felt the bed shift slightly, and heard the springs squeak a tiny bit. He turned toward her and opened his eyes. She was eating some crackers. Oh good, she’s eating a little. I hope she’s feeling a little better. He looked over at her and grinned. She still looked pale(r than she usually was), but the fact that she was eating was reassuring. It was slightly weird that she still looked sick though. Arthur figured it was the 24 hour flu, food poisoning, or something like that.

He sat up against the headboard, stretched his arms above his head, and rolled his neck. There was a crick in his neck. Ugh, I must have slept weird. I’ll be careful not to turn my head to the right too much today. He rubbed at the sore spot for a moment before turning his attention to his girlfriend. “You feeling any better, love?” he asked apprehensively watching her eat the crackers. He hoped that the small amount of food she was consuming wouldn’t hit the bottom of her stomach and come back up. The last thing he wanted was for her to get sick again.

He wasn’t going to leave the flat for a moment. If she was sick, he’d take care of her and make sure she didn’t get dehydrated, and he’d make sure she didn’t overexert herself. “I’m going to get you a fresh glass of water,” he told her, as he walked around to the other side of the bed. “The one you have there has been sitting out all night. I’m sure it tastes warm and stale. That’d be the last thing I want if I didn’t feel well. I’ll be right back.” Arthur walked into the kitchen, and placed the dirty cup on the side of the sink. He filled it with hot, soapy water, and placed the cup in the sink carefully to let it soak. He grabbed a new glass, and filled it with cold water.

When Arthur walked back into the bedroom, Molly was sitting up, still eating the crackers. He put the glass on her bedside table, and used the back of his hand to feel her cheeks and forehead, the way his mother used to do when he was young and didn’t feel well. She wasn’t running a temperature. That must be a good sign, right? “I hope you haven’t come down with anything too bad. It would be awful if you had to miss training because of this. Do you have any ideas about what you have?” He asked as he sat on the bed at the base of her feet.

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Sep 9 '11


As Molly hunched over the toilet, emptying the contents of her stomach, she pleaded to herself, ‘Don’t be loud, don’t be loud, don’t be too loud for the love of Merlin.’ But of course, Arthur was there and it took everything in Molly not to cry of embarrassment. ‘Better get used to it- you two will be living together. There is going to be all sorts of embarrassing things he’ll get to be exposed to.’ He asked about getting her water and Molly nodded as emphatically as her nausea- addled body would allow. ‘Please- anything to get you out of here long enough for me to clean up- dear gods, of course I’d have to catch a virus right as all these things are happening.’ She flushed the sick and moved shakily to the sink, running the tap to splash water on her face and rinse her mouth out. She stared back at her pale reflection, shaking her head. That’s when the feeling in the back of her throat started again and she fell to her knees, crawling back to the toilet, dry heaving into the bowl. Arthur came back with a glass of water just as the fit passed. Molly lowered the lid and pressed her forehead against the cool porcelain. She groaned in protest but didn’t say much when Arthur declared them homebound for the night. 

The strong arms held her as she moved upwards to standing, holding her tightly to him. She leaned her head into his chest as they shuffled into the room. “Arthur, m’fine,” she muttered, still leaning into his grasp. He settled her on the edge of the bed and she gestured towards her dresser when he asked about pajama’s. Giving him an apologetic look, Molly mumbled, “I’m sorry, Arthur. Must’ve been something I ate- the flu is going around the hospital-” she stopped giving him a grateful smile as he handed her the pajamas, “Have I told you how wonderful you are today, Arthur?”

"You’re obviously not fine, Molly. You just got sick. You’re not feeling okay." He handed her a pair of pajamas, and kissed the top of her head. "Don’t apologize. It’s bound to happen when you work as a Healer that you get sick sometimes." He gave her a sympathetic smile. "No, you haven’t, but thank you love." He lay down next to her, and gently pulled her into his arms. "Don’t worry about not being able to go out tonight. I’d rather you feel well then make you more ill," he said quietly. He was waiting for her to get sick again, but she ended up falling asleep with her head buried in his chest. He thought about how this could happen often: her getting sick. He’d be there to help her get better because he’d be living with her. He also thought that they’d probably end up falling asleep like this often as well. He eventually fell asleep on top of the covers with Molly still in his arms.

In the morning, Arthur woke with a start, and checked his watch. He thanked Merlin that it was the weekend because he would have been super late for work. He didn’t sleep very well because he was worried about how sick Molly was. He sat up in the bed, and noticed Molly wasn’t lying next to him. He stayed in the bed, and listened to the sounds of the flat to try to determine where she was. He couldn’t hear anything, so he figured she was either being really quiet, or she had gone out before he woke up. As he lay in the bed, he was starting to go in and out. He’d be able to hear if Molly walked into the room, so he allowed himself to rest his eyes. 

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Sep 3 '11


Molly laughed, “Arthur Weasley making a snarky remark. Oh dear, what have I done to you? You used to be such a nice boy.” Her teasing was evident in the wide grin she wore and the mischievous glint in her eyes. A finger tapped him lightly on the nose and she grinned, “Well, how about we go out and celebrate? We can grab dinner, some drinks- call it a night,” her lips pressed together in a suggestive smile and the hand that wasn’t in his walked up his chest, playing with the top button. She looked up at him through long lashes before standing up, “Just let me run and pull on something other than these scrubs.” She leaned down and kissed him lightly before walking down the hallway to her- their- room.

She shut the door partially and started to pull off the dirty clothing. She would love a shower, but she didn’t want to keep Arthur waiting. She had been feeling somewhat off all day- for the past few days in fact. Not really sick, but like she might be getting sick. Ugh, that’s just what I need. A virus. Right in the middle of term too. Pulling on a pair of jeans, Molly moved quickly to her closet, pulling out a dark purple blouse. She always looked fantastic in purple. She mentally checked that her wand was still in her jacket, which she would grab on their way out and she walked out back into the hallway. “Alright, you re-” Molly stopped in mid step, a sudden feeling of unease coming over her. Her head was light and for some reason, sweat dotted her forehead. She gave her head a slight shake which did the opposite of help. Her stomach heaved and Molly turned, sprinting for the toilet. She barely made it in time, one hand trying desperately to keep the hair away from her face and the other clinging onto the porcelain bowl for dear life as she emptied the contents of her stomach.

Arthur chuckled. “Hey! I’m still nice. Just a little less intimidated all the time.” He scrunched his nose at the tap from her finger. “That sounds great! A little celebration is certainly called for. Dinner and drinks sound absolutely perfect.” He grinned at her. As she walked her fingers up his chest, he felt an involuntary shiver run down his spine. He nodded at her suggestion that she go change into something more appropriate for a night out. “I’ll just go grab my jumper.” He watched her walk away into their room. That word is going to take some getting used to, he thought with a small smile creeping across his face.

He waited patiently on the couch for Molly to change out of her work clothes. A few minutes later she emerged wearing some jeans and a purple top. He always thought she looked lovely in purple. It was just one of those colours gingers could wear without their clothing clashing horribly with the shade of their hair. “You look great,” he said smiling before he saw her turn inexplicably green. She covered her mouth and ran into the bathroom. He followed her and stood just outside the door. He heard her retch a few times. He felt terrible because she was getting ill. He peaked his head inside the bathroom, his hand covering his nose so he couldn’t smell anything. “Molly, dear are you alright? Do you want me to get you a glass of water?” She nodded, head still over the toilet. He ran into the kitchen, got a glass, and filled it up with some water. He rushed back to the bathroom and handed her the glass. He rubbed her back. “Are you alright? You should change into your pajamas and lay down. We’re definitely not going out with you not feeling well.” He waited for her to get over the wave of nausea before he helped her up from the ground. He walked with her into the bedroom, keeping one arm around her waist until he could have her sit on the edge of the bed while he snatched up a pair of pajamas from where she indicated.

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Aug 30 '11


Molly was always amazed at how large Arthur’s hands were. The hand that cupped her cheek could’ve covered her entire face. She was also always amazed at how gentle his touch was. The hand that held her face was warm, soft and safe; Molly loved that touch. Her own palms were laid against Arthur’s chest, his heart beating steadily under one of her hands. The arm pulled her closer and Molly’s heart lurched. She was going to have this every day. Not just the kissing- although Molly’s mind was starting to fog over with the steadily growing intensity behind the kisses- but all of this. All of him. She would come home from training or work to see him; she would wake up every day with him next to her. Her head reeled with the thought.

‘This couldn’t be any more perfect,’ she thought, her heart thudding madly against her ribcage. Her hands moved from his chest up around his neck, her fingers knotting themselves in the flaming strands of hair. He was perfect. Arthur was everything Molly wasn’t and she loved him for it. He completed her in the most literal sense of the word. His lips left hers and Molly’s head felt light. Then she remembered to breathe. ‘Literally took my breath away,’ Molly thought with a small smile, ‘Geez, Molls, you’re getting soft.’ His forehead pressed against hers and Molly’s breath left her in a huff and her lips pulled in a smile as she breathed, “I love you too. So much.” The brown eyes met the bright blue and Molly felt rooted there, - even if she wanted to move, she couldn’t. Something held her there, tying her to him. A hand left his hair and her knuckles ran down across his cheek. She didn’t deserve him, to be this happy. Her thumb moved down, running across his bottom lip. “I interrupted you,” she murmured, her eyes on the his lips, “What were you going to say?” 

Arthur felt the fire of Molly’s touch as she ran her knuckles down his cheek. He didn’t understand how anyone could possibly make him feel like this. He gave himself a mental pinch, and reminded himself that this was real. She was his, and she loved him. Molly Prewett, the girl he fancied for as long as he could remember, who he never thought would ever give him a second glance, was sitting right there looking into his eyes. He couldn’t help but smile because it was just so…unlikely. Arthur left his hand around her waist, and he replied, “Would you believe me if I said I can’t remember?” He laughed. Kissing Molly made everything in the world seem insignificant. When their lips met, everything in his mind went blank, and he just focused on her. “Oh, now I remember. You said you wanted me to move in as soon as possible, and I think I was going to make some snarky remark that would probably be irrelevant now.” He grinned at her. “I can move in whenever. I just have to get all my stuff packed up, and then move it all over here. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I don’t have very many belongings that I really need.” He finally released her waist, and moved his hand to simply be in hers. “So what do you want to do? We can go out, or we can stay in, whatever you want, love.” 

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Aug 28 '11


Molly’s stammering was cut short as Arthur pressed his lips against hers. She melted into the kiss, her lips moving softly against his. When he kissed her like this, Molly forgot to censor herself- to think twice about what said- or to be afraid of scaring him off. When he broke the kiss, his thumb brushed her cheek, the touch sending shivers down her spine and a blush colored her cheek. She looked up at Arthur through thick lashes and smirked, “Now I can’t imagine why they’d want you to move out. I mean, come on. You’ve only lived there for the past 18 years and they’ve gotten rid of your brothers- why should they want the house to themselves?” She teased but inside she was exulting over the fact that Septimus and Cedrella didn’t disapprove of their son’s relationship with her.

Her head cocked to the side and her lips pulled up in a satisfied smirk, “Eager to get settled?” Truth be told, Molly wanted him now. ‘To be moved in. Yeah,’ Molly’s cheeks tinged red again but she covered it with a wide grin, “As soon as possible.” She pressed her lips against his, kissing him feverishly. This was insane; Arthur Weasley was going to be her live-in boyfriend. ‘Oh Gods, wait til Gid and Fabe get a load of this,’ she thought with a small smirk. 

Arthur laughed. “I’ve no idea. I thought my parents wanted me around forever. I suppose not. It’s okay, though. My mum and dad deserve to have a quiet house without all the fuss of children they had to deal with for the past two and a half decades.” Arthur brushed a part of Molly’s ginger hair behind her ear. ‘Eager to get settled?’  “I sort of am eager to get settled in. The sooner I do, the sooner I can see your lovely face whenever neither of us are at work,” he said adding a small laugh. “As soon as possi-” his sentence was cut off by Molly’s lips on his. He cupped her cheek with one of his hands while the other snaked around her waist pulling her closer. This was something he could definitely get used to, kissing her whenever and not worrying about having to be home at a semi-decent hour. Arthur’s lips moved against hers, his head slightly spinning from the lack of oxygen. Irrelevant, he thought. All he knew is that he just wanted this, he wanted her, and he was the luckiest man in the entire world because she was his. He broke the kiss to take a breath, and murmured “I love you,” as he pressed his forehead to hers. 

(Source: whatisarubberduck)